Over the years we developed our own strategy in quality control to make sure that our work rises to the expectations of our clients and matches our vision in Aurum Chain.

We call our strategy, 'EPF' which stands for Early Inspection, Process Inspection, and Final Work Inspection. Each stage is important to us, and we can't ignore one of them and just go to the final result, because we are committed to delivering the finest gold chains to our clients, and we believe that with great commitment comes great responsibilities.

Early Inspection:

This is where the journey begins, with dedicated experts examining the gold, and making sure it corresponds to the industry standards. We use the latest laboratory techniques to make sure we don't miss a single issue. The early inspection is a sensitive stage and requires a lot of care for the details. We respect the fact that our clients take our words for granted, we owe them for trusting us, and this is why we care about checking the gold we use intensively before it goes to the production lines.

Process Inspection:

This is an ongoing procedure that happens during the production period, and Aurum quality officers are responsible for assuring each piece is being crafted perfectly and handled as per the quality instructions by our workers. We engage the workers in continuous courses and educational seminars about the quality standards and regulations, and explain how the quality of the work would affect Aurum Chain as a leading supplier in the industry, thus affect their future career and growth opportunities with us.

Final Work Inspection:

Now that the work is done and we have the final gold chains ready to be distributed to the market, we do a final strong check for the tiny details and ensure the work corresponds to the core values and standards of Aurum Chain. Sometimes we are too strict in this stage and we might reject a chain for something no one else would notice, or for a reason that no one else in the same industry would consider, but we take our standards seriously and we believe that our success is due to our commitment.