Where Originality Meets Modernity

Over 5000 years of Indian heritage in crafting gold art pieces combined with continuous research and usage of modern manufacturing technologies define the true essence of Aurum, where originality meets modernity.

Over a decade ago, we made a promise to ourselves to stand out from the crowd, and be unique in our own way, and whenit comes to gold, we take things seriously, because we believe that a gold chain is more than just gold crafted in a specific shape. Gold chains represent the creation and life in the Indian culture.

This is why Aurum Chain developed two lines of manufacture, the first one is the handmade manufacture line, and the second one is the machine-oriented manufacture line.

Both are our pride and both are working continuously to satisfy the needs and tastes of our clients across the nation.We appreciate the experienced hands of workers and we pay a lot of attention to the latest available technologies in this domain, and this is our point of strength, because just like a golden thread, strong and unbreakable, we connected our past with our future, and ensured the flow of legacy from one generation to another.

Today, Aurum Chain has combined the professional experience with modern technology, and launched a series of equipped factories to cover the increasing demand of clients asking for Aurum gold chain , with a vision to become the number one gold manufacturer in the continent competing with other international gold manufacturers.

“Our company works on the principles of P6 formula which stands for Profits to our clients, Profit to our investor, Profit to our employees, Profit to our nation, Profit to our society, and Profit to our organization”

S.S. Alam – Managing Director & Founder

Aurum Chain is proud of every single worker in the company, from the production teams running the machinery to the
highest level of administration and board, and we would like to introduce you to our founder Mr. S.S. Alam, and
some key people behind the scenes.

Golakh Parida is the Chairman of Aurum Chain, and the strategic mind responsible for setting the long-term goals of the company and supervising the achievement of the current progress one success after another.

Mr. S S Alam, is the Managing Director and founder of the Aurum Chain. He is the man behind the vision, and the one who started this whole Legacy as a dream, then marched forward with decades of experience in this domain. He never refuses a suggestion for developments and growth, accepts modernity, and appreciates the traditions.

Dimple Choudhury, is the FCA Director of Aurum Chain. She controls the financials in the company and sets the rhythms of the numbers to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Keeping an eye on every single detail, from taxes to expenses and profits. She is a great advantage in our company and definitely an asset not just a director.

Machine Chains

Enjoy the perfectly crafted gold chains by our
Machine-oriented production lines


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Handmade Chains

Discover the true meaning of the Indian
gold industry with our Handmade gold chains


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